With Varsity Learning, teaching doesn’t end when the bell rings.

Teachers are saying great things about the Varsity Learning Online Platform

For Math Educators

Varsity Learning is your web-based integrated classroom solution. We provide great content, templates, and online assessments in an easy to use learning management system. We tie it all together to help math teachers get online and get organized so you can do what you do best: teach.

Web-Based LMS is Your Solution for Online Classroom Management

Our online math Learning Management System is a web based integrated classroom that offers invaluable resources like student-teacher communication, student forums, assessments, online tests and assignments and grading. Our program is compatible with any Mac or PC, tablet, notebook, or Android device making it the perfect solution for managing your classroom from anywhere. Let our software create tests, assignments, homework and grade it for you. With over 60,000 math problems, templates, and resource libraries, there is unlimited potential for you and your LMS.

Relevant Math Course Resources

Quit wasting time sorting through thousands of irrelevant search results on the internet. Varsity Learning lets you save math classroom resources on a public cloud, so you can collaborate, share, and borrow resources, thoughts, tests, assignments, and links with other instructors who have similar goals and are teaching the same classes you are.